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Yes! Black People Get Injected Too!

Updated: May 22

Queen Aesthetics- Black People Get Injected Too

There is a common misconception that black and brown people don’t need injections or sunscreen! Queen Aesthetics is here to tell you, ALL people can benefit from injectables and proper skincare.

There are a number of skin modalities and differences in colored skin that need to be addressed. From fine lines to hyperpigmentation, skin is in and we are here to help! Injectables are used to treat a host of other issues rather than just fine lines!

In this day and age, more black women are receiving injectables and proper skincare. The lack of representation in the aesthetic industry and educational materials leaves some providers unable to adequately address many concerns in this population. There are a lot of benefits that dermal fillers, muscle relaxants and medical-grade skincare can produce for both women and men of color.

When it comes to aging, melanin is a protective factor due to less photo-aging that is caused by exposure to UV rays. With that being said, it doesn’t mean black and brown skin doesn’t age, it is a more intrinsic/natural aging progress that is experienced. From volume loss to the midface affecting the smile lines (nasolabial folds), hyperpigmentation (dark spots) and under-eye bags, there are a lot of things that can be addressed with proper injections. Check out some areas Queen Aesthetics can help with.

Neurotoxins (Botox, Dysport, Jeuveau, Xeomin)

When wanting to address fine lines and wrinkles, these are your go-to for a fresh face. Those pesky lines can age you, especially when they become deep-set. We want to address those lines before they are far gone! Not only can neurotoxins clear up those lines, it can be used for other treatments as well. From heavy sweating underarms (hyperhidrosis) to necklines, a consultation can broaden your thoughts about the many different treatments.

Volume Loss (Fillers)

As we age, we continuously lose collagen and our faces begin to droop. These are some of the first signs of aging, especially around the eyes, leading to dark circles and eye hollows. The cheeks began to flatten and the nasolabial folds became more prominent. Filler in these areas can provide a more refreshed look, without a change in appearance, in a short amount of time. These treatments are tailored to each individual.

This same modality can be used to help with chin projection and jawline contouring. Increasing your side profile to a more youthful appearance can boost confidence.

One of our major treatments is the reinflation of lips! Over time lips can deflate and have more lines, needing hydration. Fillers can revive the lips and boost hydration to plump and smooth.

Double Chin

Under chin fat is a huge area of concern for all people, no matter their cultural background. Our special formula allows fat reduction under the chin and increases side profiles and confidence.

At Queen Aesthetics we provide natural cosmetic enhancements for all cultures and are well diversed in all skin types. They say “Black Don’t Crack” and although it happens later in life, Queen Aesthetics can help with all phases of aging (and keep it natural)!!


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