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Kybella Injections-at Queen Aesthetics For Woman




Kybella is a nonsurgical injectable treatment to reduce your submental fat (double chin).
It's the only FDA-approved injectable drug for this purpose. 


Kybella is a colorless, sterile injectable solution made from deoxycholic acid that is used to decrease the appearance of the submental fat, which hangs below the chin and is often referred to colloquially as a “double chin“. Deoxycholic acid is a bile acid, naturally produced by your body to help absorb fat. Kybella injections use a synthetic form of this as an injection. Once injected, the acid destroys fat cells beneath the chin area so it can’t store fat anymore.


Kybella shots usually take about 20 minutes. First, the area is numbed with ice or a numbing cream. Then, using a marker, they mark out the area they will treat under your chin using dots to form a grid-like pattern. They inject each dot from the same syringe of Kybella. The shots are usually about 1 centimeter apart. 

The number of injections depends on how much fat is in your chin and your desired look; 20 shots is typical, but it could be as high as 50. It should not be painful.


  • Avoid harsh scrubs, retinoid compounds, and bleaching creams on your face 2 days before and 2 days after treatment.

  • Avoid anti-inflammatory or blood-thinning medications and supplements such as aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E, ginkgo biloba, ginseng, and fish oil 10-14 days before treatment and 3-4 days afterward.

  • Avoid alcohol a week before treatment, as it may thin blood and make bruising more likely.

  • Eat before treatment to reduce the risk of lightheadedness.

  • Remove makeup, moisturizer, and facial sunscreen before treatment. Thoroughly wash your face and neck too.

  • If you have a beard, shave it before treatment.

  • Consider taking arnica tablets a week before treatment to prevent bruising. 

post treatment care

• Avoid extreme temperatures of heat for 24 hours post treatment (i.e. Jacuzzi, hot showers etc.).

• Do NOT consume alcohol or sodium for 3 days post treatment to avoid excess swelling.

• Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours post treatment.

• Sleep on your back with your head elevated to decrease swelling.

kybella Injections- After two woman treatment
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