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What is botox and how does it work?

Botox is a prescribed medication made from botulinum toxin A, and it can only be obtained legally from a qualified doctor; however, just because you can get botox injections from a general practitioner doesn't mean that person is highly qualified in administering botox. A board-certified medical practitioner has received specialized training in the face's anatomy and how it affects your appearance, enabling them to understand how to use botox to its fullest potential.

That is why at Queen Aesthetics, we take botox injections seriously! You can always trust us to be your dedicated botox injection specialists in Houston area!

How long does botox last?

Botox can't last forever because after the neurotoxin wears off the nerves begin communicating again with the muscles telling them to start working, or contracting. Therefore, botox typically lasts around 3 to 4 months.

There will undoubtedly be some patients in whom it lasts longer, or shorter. It is worth noting that first-timers frequently observe that it may not last as long at first, but treatments may begin to last longer following the second treatment, and other following treatments of botox injections. However, it is worth stating clearly that everyone has a different experience, and the outcomes may differ.

Botox injections are often used for the following:

  • Lip Flips

  • Crow's Feet

  • Forehead Wrinkles

  • 11's, also known as glabellar lines (in between eyebrows)

  • Excessive Sweating (hyperhydrosis)

  • Eyebrow Lifts

  • Under Eyes

  • Migraines

  • and much more!

Botox Near Your Area

Queen Aesthetics is a medical spa in the Houston, TX area that specializes in cosmetic botox injections. We are located at 333 West North Loop in Suite 440.

Feel free to contact us at 832-426-4489, or by form submission!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does botox last?

  • In general, botox lasts around 3-4 months; however, results may vary from client to client.

Q: How much does botox cost?

  • Botox is priced per unit and is considered one of the most affordable cosmetic injections for anti-aging treatments. With an average treatment of 30-40 units with a single unit ranging anywhere between $10-$18, the average botox treatment might run anywhere between $300 to $600+.

Q: How long does botox take to work?

  • Botox results can normally be seen within 3-7 days after injection with full correction in 2 weeks.

Q: How does botox help migraines?

  • Botox is thought to be effective for treating migraines because it inhibits neurotransmitters, which transport pain signals from the brain; therefore, botox acts as a barrier to the pain. Before the chemicals reach the nerve endings around your head and neck, it blocks them.

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