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•Gentle release of retinol into the skin- less irritating and more tolerable
•Encapsulated for time release
•Added Bakuchiol for antiox benefits, retinol stability and boost efficacy
•Extracts for increasing natural moisture levels and inhibits skin water loss
•Can be mixed with any of our moisturizers for 1 step. Only to be used at night as it
may cause some flakiness. If new to retinol, start with the lower (0.5) dosage!


PriceFrom $98.00
    • Retinol (0.5%). Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
    • Isosorbide Dicaprylate.Provides long-term controlled hydration to needed areas of the skin.
    • Bakuchiol. Enhances the effects of Retinol and provides broad-spectrum antioxidant benefits.
    • Ophiopogon japonicus Root Extract. Boosts skin's hydration levels.
    • THD Ascorbate (Vitamin C).The most potent and stable form of Vitamin C to help brighten and even skin tone.
    • Sesame Extract.Helps smooth skin's texture.
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