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We all have regrets, but if yours are in the form of an unwanted tattoo, we’ve got you covered. Laser Tattoo Removal is quick, easy and noninvasive thanks to our advanced laser technology.

How does tattoo removal work?

Tattoo removal involves the use of laser technology, which emits concentrated pulses of light onto the tattooed area. The intense light energy heats the pigment (ink) within the skin, causing it to break down and gradually dissolve over time. Black tattoos are generally more straightforward to treat, as the black pigment readily absorbs all laser wavelengths.

What can you anticipate during a tattoo removal treatment?

The process begins with the application of a local anesthetic in Houston, TX to numb the tattooed skin, a step that may take 20-60 minutes. Subsequently, the laser is directly applied to the skin to gauge its reaction, identifying the most suitable wavelength for optimal success.


Once the ideal settings are determined, the laser is directed at the tattooed area with precision, ensuring that only the tattoo pigment absorbs the light. Protective glasses are worn throughout the session. The procedure can be uncomfortable, and an ice pack is applied immediately afterward. It is normal for the skin to experience blistering, swelling, or even slight bleeding after each session.

Though individual experiences vary, an average of 6-8 sessions is typically required to achieve tattoo removal. A healing period of 6-8 weeks between sessions allows the skin to recover, with the tattoo gradually lightening after each treatment.

Tattoo Removal Service

reasons we love

• Targets your ink while leaving surrounding areas unaffected
• Leaves your skin looking uniform & natural
• Is noninvasive & non-surgical
• Works on all skin types
• Produces dramatic results with multiple sessions

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